lanterna di genova 

redefining the concept of proximity
Here in Genoa, we have one of the oldest communication devices ever invented by men, the LANTERNA lighthouse which, with its powerful beam, helped sailors for centuries; and still does it!
Our idea was to move its 890 years of communication history into the future, and we found in the Google Eddystone beacon transmission protocol, the perfect ally.
Eddystone is a famous English lighthouse, so we decided to overturn the concept of proximity, enhancing beacons limits to distances usually belonging to lighthouses.
Our partner iBLio engineered a beacon for us, starting from a Bluegiga BLE112 chip, a booster and a directional antenna; keeping the BLE standard and the Google Eddystone protocol, we created this incredible beacon, the SUPERFARO, which beam can go over 1 nautical mile.

superfaro superfaro

Now the LANTERNA welcomes cruise passengers in the harbor of Genoa, invites them to visit the museum and to download the dedicated LANTERNA APP, which will deliver all the proximity contents.
superfaro superfaro superfaro

We wanted to merge future with tradition, using beacon technology in a monument with almost 900 years of history.
With the same working logic, like the sailors who know their destination at a glance thanks to the lighthouse beam, the LANTERNA APP receives the nearest beacon signal and use it to propose the related contents to the users.
The LANTERNA APP takes advantage both from BLE technology and from BEACONATTITUDE hardware which can broadcast standard iBeacon and Eddystone protocols simultaneously.
The result is a modern, practical and easy to use tourist guide, which works perfectly with the historical outdoor and indoor path.

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